Mary wrapped the 1st CHRISTmas Present

Mary wrapped the first CHRISTmas present


Everyone would agree that mother’s give the best present because she gives it with love and a mother’s love is so precious. With CHRISTmas just around the corner treat yourself by reading the story of Jesus’ birth. Have you ever really stopped as a woman and thought what you would do if you encountered an angel and was presented with such a request. But, Mary didn’t waste any time, she answered, “Behold thy handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.” Now, that’s a mother’s love for her son. She understood the consequences of her answer would be death but, she believed and trusted God. (That could be a whole other topic – trusting God’s word over circumstances.)

When Jesus was born, Mary wrapped Him in swaddling clothes. In reaching Jewish custom swaddling clothes were bandages that were wrapped around a new born child. The rank of the child was indicated by the splendor and costliness of these bands. Some used fine shawls or scarfs and the less fortunate used common cloth. I believe the swaddling clothes were colorful because everything about God is colorful. Could it be that’s why we use colorful wrapping paper at CHRISTmas?

So you see, Mary wrapped the first and best CHIRSTmas present. Merry CHRISTmas.


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