Treat your Sweetie!

Treat your Sweet!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, why not treat your sweetie or yourself with a treat to satisfy your sweet tooth with a great read – The Chocolatier.

In The Chocolatier learn how Charles was inspired with Charlene whom isn’t fond of chocolate come up with a special Valentine chocolate. Charles, director over marketing of Riviera Chocolate also turns the valentine marketing campaign over to Charlene. This classy romance swirls two unlikely people in to an unusual relationship – one not fond of chocolate and the other determined to have her fall in love with the confection. Or is it him that he wants her to fall for?

Excerpt from, “The Chocolatier”

“One of the reasons, I hired you was because of not being particularly fond of chocolate and each time I learned something as I watched you when you sampled the pieces of chocolates. I understand that if I can find the right ingredients for you to fall in love with chocolate. Then I’ve accomplished my goal and I believe that I’ve done just that.” She swallowed hard again trying to relax. “This scripture came to mind yesterday, as I’ve watched you with the chocolate tasting. Then yesterday morning as we spoke I understood that if I used wisdom and took what I knew and used it then I could find the right ingredients. I used the knowledge of what I know about you and chocolate and I believe I found it. Are you ready?”

She squirmed hoping she wouldn’t disappoint him. “Yes.”

He lifted the chocolate and she took a piece slowly bringing it to her mouth, praying she would love it. The smell of berries and custard reached her nose before the chocolate and it activated her senses. She opened her mouth to receive the candy and as her mouth closed around the silky smooth creamy milk chocolate, a burst of strawberry delight shouted out into existence. The more she moved the chocolate-berry around in her mouth, the creamier it became causing her to close her eyes and let a soft humm escape.

He was so excited seeing her reaction knowing it was a success that he let out a very loud, “yes!” Words couldn’t express what he was feeling. To know what a great accomplishment he had just achieved that he engulfed her in an embrace causing her to chuckle. She reached and took another piece loving the taste.

“Why the flavor of berries and custard,” she asked.

“Something you did yesterday remind me of Christmas dinner with the Chocolate Strawberries and wa la Choclaberry.”

“Choclaberry huh, makes sense,” she stated.

“With Uncle already approving it first thing this morning, the only thing left to do was to pass it by you. All that is left to do is the slogan and paperwork. I need you to work late tonight. The staff is already on some of the slogan since I knew you would love it.”

“Wasn’t this a pretty big risk since I hadn’t tried it?”

“Once I got the revelation that’s it’s not just about chocolate, then I knew you would love it.”

“Alright, so what’s your plan as far as the campaign?”

“I believe Miss Callaway, the question is what your plan is?” Charlene shot him a glance of surprise. “That’s right this is your campaign. I came up with the product and I need you to come up with marketing and advertisement.”

She knew he understood what he was asking and she was determined not to let him down. He believed in her and that meant a great deal to her.

“Of course, you realize I will need to approve it.”

“Yes, Ch.. Mr. Riviera, I won’t let you down. I’ll go get started,” she said smiling as she stood to leave.

Charles gently took her hand. She held a breath at the feel of his touch. “Thank you Charlene, you’ve given me something that’s priceless and that I’ll always be indebted to you. This achievement is a triumph knowing I was the best that I could be. And you made that happen.”

The excitement of what he was feeling shown on his face and for a moment as she saw a familiar look in his eyes, one that she wanted but couldn’t have. He turned realizing what was happening, “Now, we need to get started on the slogan. I need you to get some things prepared for a meeting in about fifteen minutes. I need to introduce the staff to the one they will be answering to.”

“I’ll get right on it.” She knew this product needed to hit the shelf just after Christmas. She alerted the staff of the meeting and they rushed to prepare.

Charles was already in the conference room when she entered still wearing the smile of accomplishment. The staff rushed in prepared and the meeting began. Charles began, “we have what I believe will be a top seller chocolate for Valentines. As you know the competitor has already released their product and by the stats it’s well on its way to number one. As we have prepared the ingredients and taste tested it, Uncle has approved the chocolate.” He shot a slight smile toward Charlene and she blushed. She loved the way he always said “we” never boasting that it were his idea or taking the credit.

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