Hinge? Are you Rusty or Oiled?


A rancher opened the stall door to retrieve his horse when he felt the weight of the barn door drag followed by a piercing screech from the hinge. The high pitch screech made the dog howl causing the chicken’s to fly the coop which sent the sheep baaaing across the field making the cattle scatter tearing down the fence. The rancher stood in the door way of his barn scratching his head observing all that just took place. He meant to oil the hinge but was too busy.

He oiled the hinge and opened the oak door again. This time the door swung back with ease and silence. He smiled thinking if he’d only oiled it when he first heard the screech he wouldn’t now be looking at the chaos in the barn yard.

In today society, you can find yourself being pulled in several directions, whether it be work, parenthood, or everyday life to the point of being overwhelm much like the rancher not having time to oil the hinge. Some days seem to feel like a heavy cloud squeezing tighter with each breath.

As in the case of the rancher watching all the destruction with the animals. If only we would take a few minutes each day and be oiled (Spending time with God reading his word) we wouldn’t become the rusty hinge carrying the heavy door (weight of the world or cares of life) making a screeching sound that disrupts everything around us or making the animals go chaotic.

Are you rusty or OILED?

Thought of the day:
 Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. Psalms 55:22 NIV

Brenda Scruggs



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