Many Hats of a Lady


Many Hats of a Lady

Ooh, that sounds like a great title for a book. OOPs! thinking out loud again.

Have you noticed all the beautiful hats that seem to pop out of nowhere around Easter and Mother’s Day season. An array of color blossoms the scene as spring burst forth from her sleep saying bye, bye winter.

A hat is meant for fashion, a decorative accessory that people undoubtedly notice. It’s the difference between looking adequate or looking your best. A hat is to be stylish, to glow under, to flirt beneath, and to turn heads. It is a banner, a bit of armor, and the badge of femininity. A hat grabs attention, it makes one feel confident, and flawless.

There’s a saying that goes, “(S)he wears many hats.” To say that a person wears many hats means they take on different roles and responsibilities. In daily life, we wear many hats even though they are invisible. As for me, I am a wife, mother, Christian, and a career person. I love my hats (my role in life) but sometimes life can press in to flatten the hat. But, if I take a moment, draw in a deep breath my hat fills back into perfect condition. So, I said all that to say this, LIFE is like a new hat. Wear it, glow under it and enjoy it.

As the gloomy season comes to an end and spring brings, I wanted to share just a few pic’s of my hats and shades.

IMG_20160317_200505 IMG_20160317_200115 IMG_20160317_171048_110 IMG_20160317_172433_149 IMG_20160317_170636 (2) IMG_20160317_165219_657-1


Thoughts from Brenda’s Chocolate Factory


A thought from Brenda’s Chocolate Factory (My Kitchen)

I do a lot of thinking and jotting down notes while in the kitchen. So, I call my kitchen the Chocolate Factory since a majority of my book, “The Chocolatier,” was written there.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts about book reviews. A big thank you to the bloggers for their information. I knew reviews were important but honestly, I didn’t realize how important until reading all the blogs. So, I’m having some thoughts on getting local book reviews.

I’m planning on having a Chocolate Party. (Not sure venue yet, maybe a quaint party with friends and family or have it at my local church.) I went to pinterest and found tons of unusual chocolate recipes.(Your welcome to visit my boards) I love the bowls made out of total chocolate. I attempted to make the strawberry tuxedos. Go ahead and laugh- below is a picture of my attempt. Ha, ha, I’m still laughing. These little booger’s are harder than they looked on pinterest but I will master them say’s the chocolatier want-a-be.IMG_20160229_163358_497-1

Oh, and I can’t forget the Chocolate lasagna, yum! I’ll post pictures and recipes after the party.

Other than the Chocolate for the Chocolaholic’s

I’ll read a passage from my book, “The Chocolatier.”
Explain the importance of book reviews
Have written games with the winner getting prizes
I’d love to hear any suggestions to make it a better party.

Again, thank you bloggers for your posts. Good night and blog on!



Going Pro—Learning from a Master & Win a Chance to Be James Patterson’s Next Co-Author

Great Advice!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Could THIS be your new writing partner? Could THIS be your new writing partner?

Today I have something exciting to tell you guys about *bounces up and down like a kid*. Last week we talked about Going Pro and today I’d like to springboard off some of what we talked about. One of the reasons it is so vital for authors to take ourselves seriously, is it directly impacts how we operate. So long as we view what we do as “our little thing” or “a hobby” or we are “aspiring,” we are hesitant to do the activities that will truly matter. We will fail to commit.

We are just “shacking up” with our dream instead of putting a ring on it.

If we haven’t yet mentally “gone pro” often we won’t make our writing a priority. Everyone and everything comes first and if there is any time left over? Well, then we can write.



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Journey of a Hopeful


Journey of a Hopeful

I started on this writing journey several years ago. I wish I could say it’s all been peaches and cream but the truth of the matter is, it’s defiantly been a hilly, curvy and bumpy journey. There were times I would throw my research in a box as if putting old photographs in a box storing it away, thinking this is too hard, I can’t do this. But never failing, I would pull it back out as if the pages were calling my name yearning for the story to be finished. I believe the yearning came from the gift that God placed inside of me because everyone has something worth telling and without Him, I am nothing.

I’m not sure if anyone goes through the doubt, frustration and discouraging feelings of writing a story but in retro, I believe that’s all part of learning your niche. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the story inside me, it was the feeling of not being good enough to write a book.

Not long ago, I read of an author that said she couldn’t call herself an author for the longest time because she didn’t feel like an author just someone who published a book. She couldn’t see herself in a category as one of her favorite authors. But, a year later, her statement has changed, she learned and grew in the business. She now calls herself a published author.

And much like her, since I began writing, I now have a published book with several other’s finished ready to tweak before sending out.

So, now I begin a new journey, hopefully getting more books published and tackling the big M word- Marketing.

I want to take a moment and thank all the bloggers out there helping newbies to the business. Your experience and information means a great deal. Your blogs are worth the time that you spend posting.

I would say that my journey in writing is just that a journey always changing but moving forward and I’m looking more and more hopeful.

Be Blessed,

Brenda Scruggs

The inspirational writer

Author of “The Chocolatier”