Journey of a Hopeful


Journey of a Hopeful

I started on this writing journey several years ago. I wish I could say it’s all been peaches and cream but the truth of the matter is, it’s defiantly been a hilly, curvy and bumpy journey. There were times I would throw my research in a box as if putting old photographs in a box storing it away, thinking this is too hard, I can’t do this. But never failing, I would pull it back out as if the pages were calling my name yearning for the story to be finished. I believe the yearning came from the gift that God placed inside of me because everyone has something worth telling and without Him, I am nothing.

I’m not sure if anyone goes through the doubt, frustration and discouraging feelings of writing a story but in retro, I believe that’s all part of learning your niche. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the story inside me, it was the feeling of not being good enough to write a book.

Not long ago, I read of an author that said she couldn’t call herself an author for the longest time because she didn’t feel like an author just someone who published a book. She couldn’t see herself in a category as one of her favorite authors. But, a year later, her statement has changed, she learned and grew in the business. She now calls herself a published author.

And much like her, since I began writing, I now have a published book with several other’s finished ready to tweak before sending out.

So, now I begin a new journey, hopefully getting more books published and tackling the big M word- Marketing.

I want to take a moment and thank all the bloggers out there helping newbies to the business. Your experience and information means a great deal. Your blogs are worth the time that you spend posting.

I would say that my journey in writing is just that a journey always changing but moving forward and I’m looking more and more hopeful.

Be Blessed,

Brenda Scruggs

The inspirational writer

Author of “The Chocolatier”


About Brenda Scruggs

Brenda Scruggs is an inspirational author, blogger, along with a daytime job. By day, she works as a merchandiser and by night her fingers tap the keyboard producing contemporary/historical stories that take the reader on travels of conflict and suspense with a flavor of romance. Her characters are strong and determined while facing oppositions that could alter their way of life. She has two blogs, an author blog where she shares her writing experiences and Many hats of a Lady blog where she shares anything from DIY or Lady-like subjects. She is married and lives in Tennessee. She takes pleasure in watching television with her husband, eating Mexican food and scribbling her thoughts on paper. http:/ Facebook: Brenda Scruggs- Author http:/
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