Thoughts from Brenda’s Chocolate Factory


A thought from Brenda’s Chocolate Factory (My Kitchen)

I do a lot of thinking and jotting down notes while in the kitchen. So, I call my kitchen the Chocolate Factory since a majority of my book, “The Chocolatier,” was written there.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts about book reviews. A big thank you to the bloggers for their information. I knew reviews were important but honestly, I didn’t realize how important until reading all the blogs. So, I’m having some thoughts on getting local book reviews.

I’m planning on having a Chocolate Party. (Not sure venue yet, maybe a quaint party with friends and family or have it at my local church.) I went to pinterest and found tons of unusual chocolate recipes.(Your welcome to visit my boards) I love the bowls made out of total chocolate. I attempted to make the strawberry tuxedos. Go ahead and laugh- below is a picture of my attempt. Ha, ha, I’m still laughing. These little booger’s are harder than they looked on pinterest but I will master them say’s the chocolatier want-a-be.IMG_20160229_163358_497-1

Oh, and I can’t forget the Chocolate lasagna, yum! I’ll post pictures and recipes after the party.

Other than the Chocolate for the Chocolaholic’s

I’ll read a passage from my book, “The Chocolatier.”
Explain the importance of book reviews
Have written games with the winner getting prizes
I’d love to hear any suggestions to make it a better party.

Again, thank you bloggers for your posts. Good night and blog on!


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