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More than just a romance, October 25, 2016

This review is from: The Chocolatier (Kindle Edition)
The story flowed well and was alive with danger and emotion. I liked that Charles and Charlene were struggling with each other until it became apparent that Charles had more feelings for her than he had imagined. The intensity of the stalker and the harrowing actions were well written.

I enjoyed the thriller aspect of the story as much as the romance. It is a complex story that takes you into a deep place and shows that love can happen when you least expect it.

Thanks Vicki for the review!

Masks, A Cover Up



When you hear the word Mask you immediately think of Halloween or a Masquerade Ball or maybe even the sport, Fencing. Masks come in all shape and sizes. They can make you beautiful as a Princess or horrid as a monster. They are used to cover, hide, and protect. When you wear a mask you get to be someone else. The mask covers up who you are. For instance, a masquerade ball was a place where the wealthy came for a social event and they wore elaborate  masks. It was an exciting time to be mysterious and intriguing, dashing or daring without anyone knowing who they were. Women could be flirtatious; men could be bold, the night held a place of secrecy.

There is another mask that a lot of us wear unware called an invisible mask. A mask that hides and protects, not letting anyone see the real us. Sometimes, we look at people and think they have it all- the hair, nails, clothes- the perfect 10. But, if the truth be known, most of them may just be wearing a mask. It can be seen through the fake laugh that burst out when something isn’t that funny in order to look good. It’s in the girl, who looks in the mirror thinking she needs to be thin just because she wants to be accepted even though, she’s desiring that chocolate covered doughnut. It’s in the couple who argues most of the time, then when in public they act as if they are the perfect couple. Isn’t it time to peel off the mask and be the person that we are made to be.

God see’s through the mask down to the “the real you.” He sees all the flaws, mistakes and failures and yet loves us completely. Psalm 139, tells us that God searches us and knows us. He knows us from the inside out. He knows a word before it comes off our tongue. He is familiar with our daily life. He isn’t surprised by us. He knows every thought, every worry and every hurt. There is nowhere we can run from Him. He can peel the mask and make us new.

This week take time to look in the mirror and see who you really are, and begin to have the courage to remove the shackles of your mask.






I came across an adult Cat coloring book the other day and a creative thought past through my brain. I thought this could be an easy way of journaling. The picture above is from the book. Cat of Many Hats is what I call her. A lot of the time, I can’t seem to journal on a regular basis, so my creative thought was even though, I might not color the page, I could use the sheet in front of me to jot down my thoughts for that day.

Have you considered Journaling. Wait, before your thoughts get in the way of, I don’t know how, I don’t have the time or even why should I Journal.

The easiest way to journal is by keeping it simple. When starting your journal, just date the entry and note your location. Start by describing your surroundings if you need to get warmed up. Write a little bit about your day. What’s on your mind? Think of your journal like an old friend you’re sitting down to have coffee with. Just answer, “What’s up? What’s new? What’s going on?”

Journaling can have mental and emotional benefits, a way of releasing stress from your daily life. Journaling helps to process complex ideas. Most of the time when you write down an idea then read it seconds or even minutes later the answer seems to pop off the page. The beauty of journaling is that it helps you grow as a person, helps you recognize patterns in your life as well as helps you gain perspective. As for me, at the end of the week, I like to scan through my journal to see how God secretly worked in my daily life for that week.

Journaling by hand in a paper notebook moves a different part of your brain than typing does. And before you argue that you can write faster on the computer, journaling is not about speed, efficiency, or volume. It’s about dedicating a few minutes each day to honor yourself, your thoughts and your feelings. Writing by hand helps you get in touch with all of that better than a keyboard.

Whether it’s putting pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard journaling can make a difference in your daily life.

However, you choose to keep your journal, there are clear benefits to doing it. In every case, they can be a huge benefit to you, personally, and enlightening for anyone you choose to share them with.

Journaling may seem a waste of time to a lot of people but time is something we can’t get back. I know that sounded negative but your time can be precious to someone else. I lost my mon several years ago and what I wouldn’t give to have the time back with her. One of the many reasons why I started to journal is for my son and for when he has children. By writing my thoughts, the person that reads it can get a sense of what kind of person I am, my daily life and who I want to be. They can see the times I cried and the time that I laughed. It’s my legacy to the next generation.

Happy Journaling










People measure Success in many different ways. For some, it’s getting a college degree, finishing graduate school, buying a house a car, or simply making it through the daily cares of life. Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

When I first started writing fiction, I became discouraged really fast. Being a newbie at the industry, I didn’t realize what being an Author was all about. My thoughts were write a novel, get it published and wa la, it’s a success. Boy, how I got that one wrong. With each rejection, I developed a mindset that really disheartened me until I realized my writing wasn’t supposed to be for everyone (even though, I’d like for it to be). Each, agent has their own taste and targets. I just have to find the right element for the delivery.

There were things that I didn’t consider until I researched them out. Along with being published comes the promotion of your work. Book signings, handing out postcards, book markers, social media and getting reviews. Reviews was something that I hadn’t given a second thought until, again research. Reviews are just as important as anything else in promoting your work. Believe me, I know the hesitancy of submitting to a review. You spent a lot of hours pouring your heart and soul into your masterpiece and to maybe have it rejected or given a bad review would be overwhelming. In order, to be SUCCESSFUL, we need to change our mindset. After all, what we endure will only make us stronger and determined.

I’ve been reading Proverbs 31- The Virtuous Woman.  This woman was successful. There are at least 31 characteristics stated about her. Anywhere from ceaseless labor, taking care of her household, she had her husbands confidence and respect, to a prosperous industry.   And each day, I look into the mirror and say out loud. “I am a success, I will succeed.” And, I have to say, I’m beginning to feel more confident.

I heard a story about a woman that walked up to a successful businessman and said, I want to be successful like you. But, (here’s the word that only grows. I look at my backside and can testify to that. LOL). But, I don’t have any experience, I don’t have the education and so forth. (everything coming out of her mouth was what she couldn’t do.) The man turned and faced her. “You’ll never be successful until you change your way of thinking. You’ll not be successful until you can say and believe that you are successful.

Success isn’t only being triumphant, it’s about believing in yourself and pushing through your doubts.

You are a success. Square your shoulders, hold your head up and say, I am a SUCCESS. I’ am SUCCESSFUL! I will SUCCEED!

I invite you to visit my Many Hats of a Lady. That blog covers topics of wearing many hats. I’ll be blogging about being a mother, wife, and career person.

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