Book Signing at The Chocolate Covered Strawberry

This past Saturday, I got to enjoy doing a book signing at, The Chocolate Covered Strawberry. (The Chocolatier). The atmosphere was so delightful and the crew was amazing. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping by trying their exquisite dinning and experience the unique boutique. Thanks, Berry for having me!

The day started with the setup of my table, which I think turned out pretty well. The hostess brought me a Hot Chocolate which was nice. (It was sooo good!) That’s it on the table – YUM!

Then, a swarm of people flooded in as the doors opened. I was stunned by the amount of, people that approached my table. When it slowed down, I walked around and handed out bookmarkers and postcards. It was a productive and nice experience. And, it all started by simply sending out a letter and postcard of my book to the owner saying that I thought my book. “The Chocolatier,” would make a nice addition to her boutique. The book signing was a plus.      


Featuring Business Women!



Have you started a furniture business, doing a craft fair, bake or cook tasty eatable’s and so forth?


If you would like to share your business to other viewers, feel free to continue reading.


There’s a saying that goes, “(S)he wears many hats.” To say that a person wears many hats means they take on different roles and responsibilities. In daily life, we wear many hats even though they are invisible. As for me, I am a wife, mother, Christian, and a career person(writer-author.) I love my hats (my role in life) but sometimes life can press in to flatten the hat. But, if I take a moment, draw in a deep breath my hat fills back into perfect condition. So, I said all that to say this, LIFE is like a new hat. Wear it, glow under it and enjoy it.


I believe in helping others with their work as others has helped me, that’s why I wanted to do a feature on my blog about business women to encourage others to push forward. A sort of paying it forward.


If you’re interested, below are the interview questions for the blog, “Many Hats of a Lady.” Website: brendascruggssite.com. Type: “I want to be featured,” in comment.  I am gathering a few interviews with other ladies and will do a series of posts one for each business lady. I would like to start these posts starting the first week of January for the New Year since the holidays are approaching and everything seems to get busy.




1. Tell a little about yourself and your business. What are your hobbies, education etc. – What  type of business do you have. Tell anything you’d like people to know about you and your business.


2. Why did you decide to launch the type business that you did? What was the brainstorm that motivated you forward?


3. How did you launch your own business? Other than, money, what were your first steps?


4. What would you do over or change?


5. What encouragement would you give other women in starting their business adventure?


Be sure to include a photo(s) of your work so that I can include it in with your post.


If you know of any business woman who would like to be featured, please feel free to tell them to comment in post type “I WANT TO BE FEARTURED” and I’ll get back with them with my email address.


Brenda Scruggs



S’mores Indoors

S’mores Indoors


With cooler weather brings camping, bond fires and the famous outdoor treat- S’mores. A tasty ooy, gooy treat that’s fun for any age.

Stories have it whether fact or fiction that S’mores can be traced back to the mid-1860’s to a man in Russia named Nicholas Smore. It was said that he past the recipe down to family and friends. But, it was his brother who published it in a cookbook years later which he entitled, “S’mores.”

In 1927, Girl Scouts of America found a recipe in “Tramping and Trailing” called Some More. After making this fun campfire treat it was widespread making the treat popular.

Traditionally, S’mores were made for outside campfires. But, now, you don’t have to wait for S’mores outdoors. With these three simple ingredients, you can have that campfire tasty treat, S’mores for Indoors fun anytime of the year.



Cones of any kind

Mini marshmallow’s

Chocolate bar


Take a cone and fill with mini marshmallow’s.

Tuck pieces of the chocolate bar in marshmallow’s that are in the cone.

Place filled cone in a cup (standing, this keeps the mixture from running onto your plate).

Heat in microwave in 5 second interval’s until melted.

Wa La! S’mores Indoors.