Clara’s Return

Clara - train ad

Love hurts. Is it better to have loved and lost or have never loved at all?
After the death of her father, Clara Jenkins decision of attending a finishing school to become a lady and learning the trade of business for her Cookery hadn’t turned out the way she’d planned. She returned to find the only man that she ever loved hadn’t waited for her.
Will Boone settled it in his heart that if Clara had loved him then she wouldn’t have left. She was to be his wife and wives didn’t leave the man if she truly loved him. So, he moved on with his life, trying to leave the past in the past but memories of her wouldn’t cooperate. He forced himself to hate her, it was easier that way.
But, would Clara and Will be strong enough to leave things the way they were when a handsome businessman rides into town setting his sights on Clara offering her own eatery in Nashville?


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