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I’m so glad that you stopped by. If you’ve read any of my books, I want to say a BIG thank you, and if you haven’t, then I would like to give you, “A Noble Wife,” free! Just let me know where to send it.

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The Noble Wife

The Noble Wife is a story that will touch your heart.
Jim Gentry’s life came to a complete standstill when his eyes read the note. The words, “Train Wreck,” seemed to jump from the page as if they were alive – Norma, his wife was on the train. She had to be alive, she just had to be.
Everything Norma Gentry touched seemed to prosper, except one thing and that was her ability to have children. Though, she knew her husband loved her, she felt as a failure until the accident that changed her life.


The Best Gift that you can GIVE!


Are you looking for a book that contains all genres?

Action/Adventure, Historical Romance, Drama, How To’s, Futurist Events, and many more, this book contains them all.
Are you in need of self-help, instruction, direction, or needing a hero, then these pages incorporate it all?
Action/Adventure – Read about journeys to faraway lands, mystic battles of giants and unusual circumstances.
Historical Romance – Read about amazing and romantic love stories that melt the heart, some remarkable, some tragic.
Drama– Read about world creation, how civilizations formed, an amazing BIRTH, how the Hero gives His life, and how the future will be.
How To’s – Read about how to overcome any situation that you face.
Instruction/Direction – Read about instruction/direction from a king that God granted wisdom beyond measure. (Proverbs and the parables of Jesus (Yeshua- Hebrew name) Books Mathew, Mark, Luke and John gives insight on everyday living.)
Futurist Events (Sci-Fi) – Read about how kingdoms will rise and fall, cataclysmic events, spectacular atmospheric occurrences and final residing.

This Marvelous book is the BIBLE!

Reading or giving the bible is the Best Present that you can give.
Merry Christmas!