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Food is a TROUBLEMAKER! But COFFEE is Smart!

By Brenda Scruggs – Leave a comment

Food has been around ever since creation and was used as a tool in the downfall of mankind. Food is a troublemaker. Eve was tempted by the sustenance. It tastes good, looks good, and is good. It is desirable and something that our bodies need to maintain life. It can make us want it even when we’re not hungry leaving us with extra pounds in its wake. If you can relate that food is a troublemaker and would like to put food in its place, then I would like to introduce you to Smart Coffee.


Have you ever been asked this question below by your spouse and it ends up in an argument?
Question: “Hon, where do you want to eat?”
Answer: “I don’t care. Where do you want to eat?”
And the conversation keeps going until it turns into an argument leaving both of you angry.
Food is a troublemaker.

Have you been watching television, not even hungry or even thinking about food then a commercial comes on and the food tantalizes your mind making you want that food, then you get upset when circumstances don’t let you get it. Food is a troublemaker.

How is Coffee Smart?
Food presents itself in a variety of ways enticing us to give in to its calling and most of the time we oblige. But, food doesn’t have to be a troublemaker, with a D.O.S.E. of SMART COFFEE, you can gain control over urges to eat, have more energy, and feel happier.
If you’d like more information on happiness in a cup, then leave a comment and I can send you information on extraordinary coffee that has helped me not only with shedding the pounds but making me feel overall happier. It’s time to let coffee put food in its place!

Dream coffee cup

Smart Coffee was developed by a team of doctors, pharmacists, chemists, naturopaths, food scientists, and nutrition experts.
Manufactured in the U.S. with the highest standards and over 50 years of experience.
Follow your Dreams!
Brenda Scruggs
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