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Smart Coffee! Who hasn’t tried it yet?

Smart Coffee! Who hasn’t tried it yet?
I’ve been drinking this amazing coffee and now have my husband drinking it. The energy and mental clarity were something I didn’t expect until I noticed the change in my thinking. Weight loss is only one of the benefits of drinking the coffee or chocolate along with the pill. This smart coffee works with your body to produce and balance your own bodies hormones making you feel more positive. It doesn’t make you feel weird or dopey. You find yourself laughing at the smaller things in life, letting go of little annoyances that once irritated you.

who's not tried it


And, what is meant, when I mention D.O.S.E (The coffee or Chocolate and Pill).

D – Dopamine
O – Oxytocin
S – Serotonin
E – Endorphins

Dopamine —> the reward hormone.
That feeling (oomph) you get from eating chocolate when you’re stressed or when a bunch of people love your blog post… that is dopamine.
Oxytocin —> the bonding hormone.
The first time you saw your sweetie and you drew in a breath releasing it slowly knowing he/she had to be yours. Or, held your baby for the first time and hearing the cooing he or she gave you.
Serotonin —> the great regulator.
Serotonin helps regulate mood, social behavior, appetite, desire, sleep, memory… Did I mention sleep?
Endorphins —> the relief hormone.
This is the good stuff that your body produces to relieve stress and pain. It can also make you feel euphoric (without the worry about addiction or overdose!) Ever heard of a runner’s high? That would be endorphins at work.
Are you ready for a change! Comment below for more information! You’re going to LOVE it!


Calling All Authors!

Calling All Authors, to Smart Coffee!!!

As a fellow author, I understand the struggles a writer goes through. All the plot scene, characterization, and long hours in front of the computer can leave you feeling drained and staring at the screen. So, I wanted to share with you a new coffee that has changed my life! This smart coffee is amazing, it’s more than weight loss, it enhances mental clarity, contains Nootropics, which helps deliver three of the happiness hormones, and it has powerful antioxidants to improve blood flow and energy. Would you like more information for a newer motivated, focused, and craving kicker you? If so, then here’s the link:


calling all authors

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National Book Lovers Day!


National Book Lovers Dayl

National Book Lovers Day!

This is one of my favorite days since I’m an author and I have a special gift for you, keep reading until the end for a FREE book!
Books can transport you to different times, places, and where dreams come true. Words bring the imagination alive making you experience diverse emotions leaving you wanting more! They can give make you love or hate the character, circumstances, and outcome. They can you make you a so-called time traveler, either going back in time, or speeding into the future depending on the genre. They can teach you to become whatever you want. They can entice you to dream!
Ideas to enjoy your National Book Lovers Day
• Support an author by buying their books, leaving a review, or just let them know how much you like their writings.
• Give a book to someone
• Tell someone about your favorite author by verbally telling them or make a post on your facebook wall.
• Read a book! Grab a cup of coffee and ease down on a park bench or any favorite place. Let people see you reading.
Speaking of Coffee, have you heard of Smart Coffee? If not, comment “Interested” and I’ll send you some information.
To get your FREE BOOK, click on Free Book “The Noble Wife,” on the side bar or click on it on the menu.
Happy Reading,

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Happy Underwear Day!

Happy Underwear Day!
Let me brief-ly wish you a Happy Underwear Day!
Undie’s wasn’t always called underwear. Throughout history they were called braies, knickers, trouser, and even pants. The word for pantie was created for ladies as a shortened version of the word pants.

Did you know that underwear has a job?
• Underwear keeps you warm.
• Underwear literally has you covered if there is a wardrobe malfunction. Especially, if a brisk-y wind whips up that short dress, or if you eaten a tad bit too much and bend over expressing the seems in the backside of your pants.
• Underwear makes you laugh! They come in different colors and patterns, shapes and sizes, silk or lace, plain or characterized so, why wear some that you secretly know someone would laugh if they seen them.
For you women out there, celebrate today by going and get that sensual pair of underwear that will make you feel beautiful. And, for the men, go get that pair that is whimsical or the ones that make you feel powerful even if no one sees them. Nothing says confidence more than a new pair of undies!
And, if you have a little muffin top that seems to rim the band of your undie’s, I have smart coffee that can curb your appetite. This coffee is amazing, it’s more than weight loss, it enhances mental clarity, contains Nootropics, which helps deliver three of the happiness hormones, it has powerful antioxidants to improve blood flow and energy. I would love to send you more information, just give me a BREIF shout out in the comments!





Happy National Chocolate Cookie Day!

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!
This is the Cookie Monster’s favorite day, gobbling up all the cookies letting the crumbs fall from his mouth as he devours them. Are you a cookie monster then this is your day too?
The official way to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day is any way you choose! Whether buy them from the grocery store or pop them in the oven yourself. But, one of my favorite ways is to bake a fresh batch in the oven letting the heavenly smell filter through the house, it can take you back to your childhood anticipating the ooey, gooey, chewy tasty treat? Today would be a great day to make special memories with your children or grandchildren by letting them bake cookies with you!

Ideas for Chocolate Chip Cookie Day to make it memorable!
• Bake cookies with someone. Enjoy the day and the heavenly smell. Make a party out of it.
• Give the gift of COOKIE’S! Whether you bake or buy give someone a cookie, make up gift bags and hand out. No one will turn down a cookie!
• Gather your friends or that special someone and go Cookie hopping! Bakery’s love to give out free cookies of their product. But, check first to find participating stores.

Another way to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day, is to enjoy a hot cup of Choclevate with a chocolate chewy cookie. It’s packed with powerful Nootrophics that boosts energy, improves mental clarity, and aids in weight loss. Give me a shout out if you’d like more information! It’s amazing!




Happy Mustard Day! It’s not just for Hot Dogs!

Happy National Mustard Day! It’s not just for Hot Dogs anymore!
Mustard isn’t just for hot dogs. With all the different types, it’s the condiment for creativity. You can add honey Dijon to your favorite casserole, bake up some mustard potatoes, or glaze a ham with the tasty spice.
There were several holidays today, but I chose mustard day because God thought of mustard as an important condiment that he mentions it several times in the bible. There is the parable of the mustard seed. It is the smallest seed that grows into a massive tree that even the birds of heaven can rest in the shadow of it, a lesson parallel to the kingdom of God. Another parable, Faith as a mustard seed, where we start out with a measure of faith and the more we use our faith the greater our faith becomes. A mustard seed represents growth, dependence, and faith.
Did you know, mustard is considered a spice from the cabbage family?
There are several healthy benefits of eating mustard. Several studies have found that the elements discovered in mustard seeds can stop cancer cell growth. It’s often used as a remedy for muscle pains and certain types of skin disorders. Mustard seeds come with high levels of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It is also a low-calorie, low-sugar alternative to other condiments.

Some Benefits of Mustard
• It could help fight uterine cancer
• Help improve cardiovascular health
• Assist in red blood cell formation
• Helps improve bone strength
• Sleep better at night
• Fight against Psoriasis
• Helps promote healthy-looking skin and hair.
A great tasting beverage you can enjoy with your mustard dish is Smart Coffee! It also has benefits. This coffee is amazing, it’s more than weight loss, it enhances mental clarity, contains Nootropics, which helps deliver three of the happiness hormones, it has powerful antioxidants to improve blood flow and energy. Weight loss is a benefit of drinking the coffee.

Happiness in a cup,




Smart Coffee! Is it really smart?

SMART COFFEE! Is it really smart?
Hi! I would like to introduce you to Smart Coffee. It is a great tasting rich Colombian roasted coffee that’s giving people incredible weight loss and energy! The Nootropics in smart coffee are all-natural amino acids that are mostly found in protein-rich foods but aren’t always easy to get from diet alone.
The ingredients in the coffee are combined to help control cravings and appetite without feeling run-down. And, the thermogenic components and appetite suppressants work to help burn fat. The Nootropics are powerful cognitive enhancers that help improve mental fog.
So, is this coffee smart? I think so since it works with your body to control cravings, curb your appetite, and give you amazing energy without the jitters.

Dream coffee cup
To answer a few questions, you may have:
There are different ways to fix the coffee.
• You can mix one scoop of the coffee with 8oz of hot water then drink it black or add your sweeteners and creams. A lot of people use a sugar substitute and flavored creamer.
• Mix one scoop of the coffee with your normal coffee stir and drink.
• Mix one scoop of coffee with your favorite hot chocolate. It tastes similar to a coffee latte.
• Mix as a smoothie. Add one scoop coffee to your favorite low-fat smoothie.
• Mix one scoop coffee with milk, and peanut butter powder. It tastes similar to a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.
Is there a decaf?
There isn’t a decaf option for the coffee but people who don’t drink coffee or sensitive to caffeine, drink the Choclevate! It’s like a chocolate shake with the same benefits.
This coffee is amazing and if you would like to try it, I have $15 trial packs. The packs contain a 3-day one scoop stick. For the trail packs, you can leave a post or email me at
Here’s my link for more information on the coffee and pill:

Here’s to happiness in a cup,

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National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

Happy National Ice Cream Day!
Well, today it’s official, you can have an ice cream sandwich guilt-free!
Who doesn’t like ice cream? Today you can indulge in the cold creamy treat without feeling guilty. And, if guilt shows it ugly head then add smart coffee. This coffee is amazing, it’s more than weight loss, it enhances mental clarity, contains Nootropics, which helps deliver three of the happiness hormones, it has powerful antioxidants to improve blood flow and energy. Weight loss is a benefit of drinking the coffee.

ice cream sandwich 1
In America, we take two rectangular or round cookies and sandwich our favorite ice cream between them making a delicious sweet tasty treat.
In 1744, American colonists brought with them recipes from Europe. In May of 1744, a Scottish colonist dining at the home of Maryland Governor Thomas Bladen, described, “a dessert… Among the rarities of which was composed of fine ice cream which, with strawberries and milk was most deliciously.” This is the first written account of ice cream eaten in the new colonies.
Did you know that other countries celebrate this day also?
Numerous countries have their own version of the ice cream sandwich. For instance, Vietnam’s street vendors sell their sandwiches stuffed between two layers of bread. In Iran, they stuff pistachio or rose-flavored ice cream between two wafers. But, no matter how you stuff your sandwich, it is a must on National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!
Share a Treat! Why not start your own tradition and buy a box of ice cream sandwich (the good old fashion kind) and hand out to passersby making their day a little more joyous).
If you would like more information on Smart Coffee and the happiness that comes with it, leave a comment. You’re worth feeling good!
Happy Ice Cream Sandwich Day!
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