Happy Mustard Day! It’s not just for Hot Dogs!

Happy National Mustard Day! It’s not just for Hot Dogs anymore!
Mustard isn’t just for hot dogs. With all the different types, it’s the condiment for creativity. You can add honey Dijon to your favorite casserole, bake up some mustard potatoes, or glaze a ham with the tasty spice.
There were several holidays today, but I chose mustard day because God thought of mustard as an important condiment that he mentions it several times in the bible. There is the parable of the mustard seed. It is the smallest seed that grows into a massive tree that even the birds of heaven can rest in the shadow of it, a lesson parallel to the kingdom of God. Another parable, Faith as a mustard seed, where we start out with a measure of faith and the more we use our faith the greater our faith becomes. A mustard seed represents growth, dependence, and faith.
Did you know, mustard is considered a spice from the cabbage family?
There are several healthy benefits of eating mustard. Several studies have found that the elements discovered in mustard seeds can stop cancer cell growth. It’s often used as a remedy for muscle pains and certain types of skin disorders. Mustard seeds come with high levels of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It is also a low-calorie, low-sugar alternative to other condiments.

Some Benefits of Mustard
• It could help fight uterine cancer
• Help improve cardiovascular health
• Assist in red blood cell formation
• Helps improve bone strength
• Sleep better at night
• Fight against Psoriasis
• Helps promote healthy-looking skin and hair.
A great tasting beverage you can enjoy with your mustard dish is Smart Coffee! It also has benefits. This coffee is amazing, it’s more than weight loss, it enhances mental clarity, contains Nootropics, which helps deliver three of the happiness hormones, it has powerful antioxidants to improve blood flow and energy. Weight loss is a benefit of drinking the coffee.

Happiness in a cup,




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