Smart Coffee! Is it really smart?

SMART COFFEE! Is it really smart?
Hi! I would like to introduce you to Smart Coffee. It is a great tasting rich Colombian roasted coffee that’s giving people incredible weight loss and energy! The Nootropics in smart coffee are all-natural amino acids that are mostly found in protein-rich foods but aren’t always easy to get from diet alone.
The ingredients in the coffee are combined to help control cravings and appetite without feeling run-down. And, the thermogenic components and appetite suppressants work to help burn fat. The Nootropics are powerful cognitive enhancers that help improve mental fog.
So, is this coffee smart? I think so since it works with your body to control cravings, curb your appetite, and give you amazing energy without the jitters.

Dream coffee cup
To answer a few questions, you may have:
There are different ways to fix the coffee.
• You can mix one scoop of the coffee with 8oz of hot water then drink it black or add your sweeteners and creams. A lot of people use a sugar substitute and flavored creamer.
• Mix one scoop of the coffee with your normal coffee stir and drink.
• Mix one scoop of coffee with your favorite hot chocolate. It tastes similar to a coffee latte.
• Mix as a smoothie. Add one scoop coffee to your favorite low-fat smoothie.
• Mix one scoop coffee with milk, and peanut butter powder. It tastes similar to a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.
Is there a decaf?
There isn’t a decaf option for the coffee but people who don’t drink coffee or sensitive to caffeine, drink the Choclevate! It’s like a chocolate shake with the same benefits.
This coffee is amazing and if you would like to try it, I have $15 trial packs. The packs contain a 3-day one scoop stick. For the trail packs, you can leave a post or email me at
Here’s my link for more information on the coffee and pill:

Here’s to happiness in a cup,

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