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Happy Underwear Day!

Happy Underwear Day!
Let me brief-ly wish you a Happy Underwear Day!
Undie’s wasn’t always called underwear. Throughout history they were called braies, knickers, trouser, and even pants. The word for pantie was created for ladies as a shortened version of the word pants.

Did you know that underwear has a job?
• Underwear keeps you warm.
• Underwear literally has you covered if there is a wardrobe malfunction. Especially, if a brisk-y wind whips up that short dress, or if you eaten a tad bit too much and bend over expressing the seems in the backside of your pants.
• Underwear makes you laugh! They come in different colors and patterns, shapes and sizes, silk or lace, plain or characterized so, why wear some that you secretly know someone would laugh if they seen them.
For you women out there, celebrate today by going and get that sensual pair of underwear that will make you feel beautiful. And, for the men, go get that pair that is whimsical or the ones that make you feel powerful even if no one sees them. Nothing says confidence more than a new pair of undies!
And, if you have a little muffin top that seems to rim the band of your undie’s, I have smart coffee that can curb your appetite. This coffee is amazing, it’s more than weight loss, it enhances mental clarity, contains Nootropics, which helps deliver three of the happiness hormones, it has powerful antioxidants to improve blood flow and energy. I would love to send you more information, just give me a BREIF shout out in the comments!





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