National Sponge Cake Day!

National Sponge Cake Day!

What better desert to eat on a hot day, than sponge cake with cool whipped cream and cold strawberries! YUM!
Today is National Sponge Cake day, a day when we can celebrate the sweet cake day by eating the treat shamelessly!
The sponge cake was created in the mid- 16th century by an Italian chef for a Spanish lord. The first version of the cake was more like biscuits, then it spread to England where they used beaten eggs to make the cake rise. It is widely written that the Victoria Sponge was Queen Victoria’s favorite cake.
So, bake a sponge cake or buy one, dollop some cool whipped cream and dash with strawberries on it and enjoy! Something that will go great with the desert is Skinny Coffee to make it a guilt free day!
Be Blessed,


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