Friday’s Fitness = Holiday’s Fashion!


Are you sick and tired of being tired and sluggish? Don’t like the way you feel or the way extra pounds that says Hi every time you look in the mirror? And, you know you won’t stick with or can’t workout. Then, this coffee is for you. Exercise in a cup!
I have been drinking this coffee and love the way I look and feel. I had heart valve replacement a couple of years ago and gained over 30lbs in the hospital. I did loose some of it when I came home but not all of it. When you’re used to being one size and can’t seem to reach that weight anymore, it charges all types of emotions.
A friend of mine introduced me to this Smart Coffee and it changed my life. I believe in this product. I’ve lost 16lbs so far and feel great. That’s why I want to introduce you it.
With the Holiday’s fast approaching, YOU could be at your idea weight for the Holiday’s!
Looking GREAT! Feeling GREAT! Enjoying GREAT!

Other benefits to this coffee are energy and mental clarity which was something I didn’t expect until I noticed the change in my thinking. Weight loss is only one of the benefits of drinking the coffee or chocolate. This smart coffee works with your body to produce and balance your own bodies hormones making you feel more positive. It doesn’t make you feel weird or dopey. You find yourself laughing at the smaller things in life, letting go of little annoyances that once irritated you.
The Natural Hormones
Dopamine —> the reward hormone.
That feeling (oomph) you get from eating chocolate when you’re stressed or when a bunch of people leave you a great review… that is dopamine.
Oxytocin —> the bonding hormone.
The first time you saw your sweetie and you drew in a breath releasing it slowly knowing he/she had to be yours. Or, held your baby for the first time and hearing the cooing he or she gave you.
Serotonin —> the great regulator.
Serotonin helps regulate mood, social behavior, appetite, desire, sleep, memory… Did I mention sleep?
Endorphins —> the relief hormone.
This is the good stuff that your body produces to relieve stress and pain. It can also make you feel euphoric (without the worry about addiction or overdose!) Ever heard of a runner’s high? That would be endorphins at work.
Are you ready for your exercise in a cup! Looking Holidayriffic! You’re going to LOVE it!
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Happiness in a cup!
Brenda Scruggs


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