Happy National Tennesse Day Ya’ll!

Happy National Tennessee Day Ya’ll!


Yes, Tennessee has its own national day.

Welcome to my home state of Tennessee!

There are many reasons to visit this great state. It is full of history being the home of country music, great night life, smokey mountains, Elvis Mansion plus so much more.

I love the rich history of Tennessee so much that I wrote a series inspired by 3 of the historical mansions here in middle Tennessee – Wynnwood, Fairvue, and Belmont but can’t forget thoroughbreds.

Tennessee was known throughout the country as the center for thoroughbred horses long before it was famous for the Tennessee Walking Horse.

 In the nineteenth century, Tennessee was the hub of horse breeding and horse racing in the United States, with Sumner County contributing the most of Southern racehorses. In 1804, Gallatin, Tennessee held the first official horse race. (My hometown)

My series can be found on Amazon.

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