You are a Masterpiece


 Masterpiece – What is your Mindset?

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With the right mindset, you can become a masterpiece and it only takes a few simple steps. Today is a new day and you can begin sculpturing the new you!

A Masterpiece is a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship whereas a mindset is basically the way you think about a situation.

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. NLT Ephesians 2:10.

Did you know that you were created for a purpose? You were. There is a reason that you were born. It may be that you are to just give a kind word that will change someone’s life or as big as becoming president.

You are a masterpiece

Most of us have seen works of art that make us stop and take another look. Whether it be in a gallery, museum, or even online. Something about the amazing talent being displayed captures us in wonder, admiration, astonishment, and even bewilderment that stays etched in our minds long after gazing upon it – a masterpiece.
I am by no means an artist but what I’ve discovered after reading how an artist makes a masterpiece, I have come to the conclusion that masterpieces come by producing a lot of art, they usually aren’t planned, but they are created by hard work. This can describe our lives as individuals. We go through each day giving our daily routine all that we have, our discoveries aren’t planned, and we work hard – we are a masterpiece in the making.
For most artists, the masterpiece is the work of art that stands out from the rest. After painting or sculpting many, many pieces, one stands out the most capturing the attention, interest and intrigues the mind. The artist then strives to make the next piece reach far beyond what they just created.
Your mindset is extremely important for everyday life. The way you think about yourself will catapult you into your destiny – your masterpiece. The masterpiece of your thinking can paint enhancing thought patterns, intrigue encouragement, and urge you to do better. If you can start to believe in yourself even in the remoteness of an inch, then you are on your way to building an extraordinary masterpiece – YOU!
Your mindset is a set of beliefs that you act upon. How are you thinking?
Do you think of yourself as being loved?
Do you think of yourself as beautiful?
Do you think of yourself as successful?
If you said no to most of the above then your thought pattern may need restructuring because you are loved, you are beautiful, and you are successful. Someone does love you even though you may not feel loved, you are the only you, there is no other mold of you and that makes you special, you are successful because of what you can only do. Yes, others may have similar ideas, but they don’t have what you can offer.
 Take inventory of your thoughts – Do you mostly think negatively and not positively? Do you always see the bad in any situation instead of the possibility of something good?
We can form a mindset from past experiences when a dream or goal hasn’t turned out the way we planned, a relationship ended badly or simply we feel we can’t do anything right. Yes. Those things did happen and left a raw taste in our mouth making us look on the bad side, so we won’t be let down again or to even protect ourselves from being hurt again. But if you stay there, in that negative mindset (past), then you are robbing the world of You since you are a masterpiece for the world to gaze upon.
Thousands of thoughts pass through our minds daily. Some trigger hurtful memories, others bring a smile to our face, some bring judgment, others tantalize an inspiration and the theory goes on. It is up to us to focus on the ones we choose, not the ones that bombard us continually. I’ll say it again, “We Get to Choose the Ones We Want To Focus On.” We don’t have to buy into the lie of negativity.
Today you can start working on changing your mindset. Pay attention to the despairing thoughts that go through your mind and target them because we can’t change the mindset unless it is acknowledged. Then start to change the way you think by seeing the good in things. Will it be easy? Probably not but a masterpiece isn’t easy. It is a process to start and then a WOW at the finish.
 Flip the Switch – Switch your way of thinking – Switch your mindset. Once you’ve identified the negative thoughts, you need a tactic to stop them. Flipping the switch is a method to counterattack the thoughts that want to hold you back.

Now that I’m getting older, I dread looking in the mirror. Instead of seeing me, I see the fine lines that seem to deepen daily, skin that doesn’t want to stay in place, and sagging eyelids. (Ha Ha, now that I’ve painted you a good picture.) But, I have changed my mindset practicing what I preach, I flipped the switch. I now look in the mirror and say, “You are not flawed, you are flawless.” (I will make a post on Affirmations soon that will help build your confidence and enhancing the way you think.) Speaking to yourself in the mirror may seem strange but once you do it a time or two, you’ll see a difference.
Another example of flipping the switch. Let’s say you want to take a walk after dinner to burn up some of the calories that you’ve just eaten but then your mind tells you, oh, you can do that tomorrow, you’re too full, take a nap, etc. But, the best way to stop those thoughts that want to hold you back is to put on your tennis shoes and go for that walk. Counterattack that thought.

 Failure – Failure isn’t a bad word, it’s only bad if you stay and keep it company. Give yourself permission to fail but don’t stay there returning to negative thoughts.

Most successful people will tell you without failure, they’ve learned nothing. When developing the lightbulb, Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that wouldn’t work.” Take what you learned when you failed and pick yourself back up and go forward.

Make your life a masterpiece, you only get one Canvas so, be the sculptor of your DREAMS!
Happiness is a mindset and a way of life. Starting Creating your masterpiece -YOU!
Follow Your Dream
Brenda Scruggs- Author

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National Book Lovers Day!


National Book Lovers Dayl

National Book Lovers Day!

This is one of my favorite days since I’m an author and I have a special gift for you, keep reading until the end for a FREE book!
Books can transport you to different times, places, and where dreams come true. Words bring the imagination alive making you experience diverse emotions leaving you wanting more! They can give make you love or hate the character, circumstances, and outcome. They can you make you a so-called time traveler, either going back in time, or speeding into the future depending on the genre. They can teach you to become whatever you want. They can entice you to dream!
Ideas to enjoy your National Book Lovers Day
• Support an author by buying their books, leaving a review, or just let them know how much you like their writings.
• Give a book to someone
• Tell someone about your favorite author by verbally telling them or make a post on your facebook wall.
• Read a book! Grab a cup of coffee and ease down on a park bench or any favorite place. Let people see you reading.
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Believe In Your Dream

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Believe in Your Dream!

Every person has a dream but only a few pursue those dreams. If you are one of those people then this article is for you to encourage you to believe again. This article includes encouragement, simple tips of how to believe in your dream, and a few affirmations to kick start your belief that you can start right now.
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believe in dream

One of the biggest reasons so many people do not pursue their dreams is that they don’t really believe in them. To believe is to accept something as being true, sure of the truth, and have faith in something.
You’ve had a dream for a long time but that’s all it seems to be – just a dream, that stays in the corridors of your mind, tucked secretly in a box that you visit every now and then. You examine it, think about, and even wish that it will come true someday, but then you carefully tuck it back into the hiding place only to visit it at another point in time. But listen up dreamer, I want to encourage you that your dream doesn’t have to stay hidden. Believe in your dream and live it.
And now that a spark of courage is rippling through your thoughts tapping on that box where your dream is tuck safely in, Negative Nancey shows up spewing out her words of unbelief, doubt, and fear. Believe me, I understand the thoughts and conversations in your mind of the, “what if’s.” What if I’m not good enough, what if it’s a failure, I don’t know if I can do it.
The bible says, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8
Believe me, I know the thoughts that bombard your mind. I have had and still have wavering thoughts sometimes. But this is where you need to do crowd control. Kick Negative Nancy (negative thoughts) that crowds your mind of unbelief to the curb and replace her with a new best friend – Affirmation. An affirmation is basically a formal declaration. (I will do a post on affirmations, so stay tuned.)
Once you believe in your dreams nothing will be able to stop you.

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, “I’m Possible!


        5 Simple Steps In Believing Your DREAM!

1. Believe in Yourself – You are capable of more than you think. You can accomplish anything once you set your mind to it. Confidence is important when it comes to believing in yourself. It shows faith in oneself and one’s ability without any hint of conceit or arrogance. But first, you will need to know who you are and identify your negative thoughts so that you can build confidence and self-esteem. (This is an excerpt from my book, “Fear – It is a Devourer.”
2. Overcome Your Fear – Fear is the biggest block to our dreams. Ask anyone who has achieved their dream, and they will tell you at some point in their life they felt that they couldn’t make it. But it’s patience and persistence that made them achieve.
3. Visualize Your Dream – See your dream as if it was already functioning. Example: If you want to write a book, see yourself holding that masterpiece. What does it look like? What does it feel like? How will it change someone’s life? These three questions can work for any dream. No matter what your dream, visualize it as if you were already doing it.
4. Share Your Dream – My advice to you is only share your dream with someone that you trust and that believes in you. You don’t need dream killers in your life. Dream killers are the ones who will say, “you can’t do that, your not smart enough, or who do you think you are?” But sharing your dream with someone you trust, is one way of assuring yourself that you are ready to work hard and attain it. The friend will be asking you how far you are progressing to the dream. This is important! It motivates you because there are expectations for not only you but also your friends.
5. Planning is a must – Dreams must be accompanied by some form of a plan. This plan must make sense. Real dreamers are believers and doers of their dreams. A plan will show the progressive steps that will take you to the realization of your dreams.

Here are some don’t to help you with mental obstacles:

1. Don’t wait until the circumstances are perfect.
You shouldn’t wait for the circumstances to be perfect because the truth is, there may never be a perfect time to start on your dream.
2. Don’t wait for other peoples approval.
Everyone will see your dream different than you do and that’s okay. People are programmed different, it’s just a fact of life. You can get any number of people in a room and ask the same question to everyone and 9 times out of 10 the answers will all be different.
3. Don’t think you need to wait until you have skill.
I know that it seems normal to think you need the skill before you start but the truth is, you will learn so much more by doing than by waiting. Doing allows you hone in on the skill much faster than learning the theory.
3 Simple Affirmations you can start saying right away to ignite your confidence.
Repeat these phrases several times a day or even once a day and watch how your mindset changes!
• I believe in myself.
• I trust in my abilities.
• I make a difference in my life.
Take a step today and write down more affirmations that pertain to your dreams. Repeat and speak them daily out loud. When you speak out loud, the sound (words) travel through your ear canal reaching the eardrum. The eardrum translates this information into a form that your brain can understand. If you only think it and not speak it, then the message doesn’t have the same effect. (Another excerpt from my book, “Fear- It is a Devourer.

Believe in Your Dream,

Brenda Scruggs – Author


Chasing Your DREAMS!

Chasing your dreams can sometimes feel like when you watch fireworks during holidays, they seem to explode in our mind only to fizzle out when we don’t have the courage to chase them.
Do you have a burning desire to do something? Is there a dream that keeps coming up but you’re too afraid to step out into it?
Bravery is facing your fear and having the courage in taking steps regardless of how it feels. The word “courage,” is related to the French word “Coeur,” which means “heart.” Have you heard the phrase,” to take at heart?” If you take heart in something, you are encouraged and made to feel optimistic by it. Synonyms: be encouraged, be comforted, cheer up.
In this post, I’ll share some helpful tips in chasing your dream.
Remember, real bravery isn’t about fearlessness; it’s about taking steps in spite of it.
Courage is your fuel in achieving amazing success in life, follow/chase your dreams.
• If you’re a writer, you could be the next best-seller.
• If you’re a singer, you could be the next pop or country, etc. singer.
• If you’re an inventor, you could invent the next creation that could change the world.

Dreams are limitless. It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting. So, don’t limit your dreams, live them.
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Chase Your Dreams! (3)

Can you remember when you were a child and you chased your friends in a game of tag or hiding seek? You would run as fast as you could to tag the person you were chasing so that they would be it. In other words, you chased the person for a purpose. When you chase something, for instance, your dreams, it is for a purpose and that purpose is to see the dream come to life.
Here is a story about a man that had the courage to continue when rejection seemed as cannon balls that targeted him. (Independence Day theme)
George Lucas spent four years sending the script for Star Wars around to various studios. After numerous rejections, he didn’t give up even when Universal Studios and United Artist both turned him down. Can you see the cannon balls? – Rejection.
Then finally, an executive from 20th Century Fox who had seen his American Graffiti film and been impressed by it decided to give him a chance with his Star Wars. The film was made for $11 million dollars and was released in 1977. Since then the original Star Wars trilogy has grossed over 2.4 billion dollars. If he’d let his negative inner voice get to him, he would never have ended up having the highest grossing film of all time. George Lucas had the courage to chase his dream.

What’s keeping you from chasing/pursuing your dream?
 Could it be fear?
 Could it be not knowing where to start?
 Could it be finances?
 Could it be doubt in achieving your dream?
It’s easy to talk yourself out of something, but face the fear, begin somewhere, invest in yourself little by little, and CRUSH doubt!
Steps in Chasing and living your Dream

1. Vision your dream
Think to yourself and imagine seeing yourself living your dream. Activate your imagination and see where you want to be.

2. Design your dream
Once you have a vision of your dream, build a blueprint of it on paper. Jot down an outline of ideas, and techniques.

3. Work your dream
Now that you have the vision and outline for your dream, you will need to work it. This is where you need to collaborate with all the tools and materials that you will need for the finished product – your dream.

4. Launch your dream
Now that you’ve seen your vision, planned it, worked it, it’s time to launch it. Launching your dream can be exciting and scary at the same time. An assortment of thoughts will bombard your mind some good others not so good. But believe in your dream. Believing is a vital part of your dream.

I am an author of contemporary/historical romance and I am following/chasing my dream.

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Until next time… Follow your dreams!
Brenda Scruggs