Prayer Teams for Authors!


Prayer Teams for Authors!

Have you considered a prayer team for your book?

A prayer team is like a street team. You gather as many people as you like to pray for you and your work. The prayer team can be used in aspect of any business.

It’s not being arrogant asking people to pray for your work, it’s wise. Proverbs 15:22 says, Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors (prayer warriors), they are established.

Being a prayer warrior myself, I can tell you first hand that prayer works.

Don’t be shy- prayer warriors are just that, they enjoy praying for people and their reward is seeing you succeed. A true prayer warrior will not be envious. They want to see how God will move in your life.

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REMINDER: Dear Book Bloggers (and others promoting authors) – Guest Post by, Yecheilyah Ysrayl…

Great Advice.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Hey Gang,

Sooo, I am technically not around right now. I am on a vacation of sorts. I will however dip in to respond to your commentary whenever I can. Thank you for your patience.

Before I left, I wrote this post to share something that’s been on my heart. Instead of keeping it to myself, I thought we could all benefit. After all, authors gotta stick together, right?

Now, if you promote authors then this post is for you. (Authors, don’t go anywhere. I got something for you at the end of this.)

By promote authors I mean that you are essentially doing some form of:

  • Book Promotions
  • Book Reviews
  • New Releases
  • Interviews
  • Shout-Outs

OK so I threw shout-outs in there but you get the point.

This is a reminder because we’ve seen it before. You know her asDG Kayebut I like to call her Debby because…

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Looking for Reviewers!


I have a few ARC’s if anyone is interested.

Book Blurb:

After the war between the North and South, in a time that seemed impossible to mend division, can Lacey Mills and Daniel Bartlett be able to let their differences dwindle to let love flourish.
When an opportunity presents itself for Lacey Mills to follow her dream, she didn’t think twice even though, it would take her to the South. A place she never thought she would go since it claimed the life of her father during the war. Yet, her hands had designed some of the prettiest hats that anyone had seen and her dream was in reach. But, would her dream turn into a nightmare after encountering Curtis Kirkland. A man destined to sabotage her dream and make her his willingly or not. Instead of, opening her own Millinery and Chocolate Shop would she end up being forced to work for her previous employer.
Daniel Bartlett still didn’t favor Northerners and especially a fiery red head wearing colorful hat wear. He knew she would be trouble and wouldn’t entangle himself in her affairs, no matter how attractive she appeared. But, when a certain scoundrel targets the redhead, would he let her suffer at his hands or would he conquer the war that was raging on the inside of him and let the feelings for her turn for the better.


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Why You Should Still Be Going To Bookstores

Charlotte Harter makes a great point. When was the last time you visited a bookstore!

Ah, yes. Bookstores. Remember those? They were great. But does anyone actually go to them anymore? In an age where everything is digital, it’s hard to keep the bookstores alive. But guess what? We have to. And here’s why.

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Corsets, are they a thing of the past!



Corsets, are they a thing of the Past!

I think not. In my new series called, “Ladies of Entrepreneurship.” The Ladies of this saga are Proverbs Thirty-One women. They are women who are business orientated, strong-willed and determined to live the dream that God has placed inside of them.  

One of the scenes in, “Many Hats of a Lady,” tells of a young lady who tries on a corset for the first time. So, I did a little research on corsets. There are basically three terms used for the garment, – corset, bustier, and bodice.

The historical corset was made from heavy fabric, lined with baleen whale (most used) bones that were inserted into channels then sewn in the seams. It shaped the body into whichever shape the person wanted. During this era women suffered and rightly so since their bodies were being formed in unnatural ways. Some women suffered from collapsed lungs, crushed ribs, dislocated spines, and misaligned internal organs, even death.

The bustier is often worn as an evening top with evening skirts. It is the modern alteration of the corset usually made from lace, satins, stretch fabrics, leather embellished with beads, sequins etc; whatever the wearer fancies. Unboned or boned with plastic or spiral steal springs. It is less deforming that its predecessor.

 Bodice is a general term for the part of the dress that covers the upper torso to the high hip. In earlier eras denoted a lightweight lined but unboned top worn over the corset but under jackets or whatever the ladies wore back then. Today, it is a word used as the top part of the dress.

And currently, I find the new craze is waistshaper’s, the modern-day corset. Most sellers claim a person can lose 1 to 2 inches off their waist in weeks. Ladies claim they look slimmer, confident and shapely when wearing the waistshaper. But, the downside is that waistshaper’s can cause breathing problems, acid reflux and sometimes blood clots if wearing the wrong size.

So, even though, the corset has drastically changed, it is still worn today with modern and flexible twists.





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How To Organize A Blog Tour – Research by A. J. Alexander

Excellent information if you’re thinking of doing a blog tour! Give Aurora a shout out if you think it was helpful.

Writer's Treasure Chest


During the past years of activity on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest,’ and the inquiries to publish posts and interviews for different Blog Tours I promised myself once I find the time I would do research on ‘Blog Tours.’ What is this? And why is it so important to writers? Who does organize them and if I have to do that myself, how to do it best?

What is a Blog Tour?

Alessandra Wike writes on “PR by the book”:
The age of the internet gives authors the opportunity to connect with thousands of people. Taking advantage of these seemingly endless possibilities, blog tours provide great publicity for a new book without the hassle (or expense!) of travel. Instead of an author traveling from bookstore to bookstore and city to city, an author’s book can travel virtually from blog to blog and garner hundreds, if not thousands, of views in a…

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National Cowboy Day!


National Cowboy Day
Is the Cowboy a dying breed? I hope not. Even though, they can be rough at times they believe in God, country, family, and horse. Don’t mess with these four things and you will get along with any cowboy. It takes a special breed nowadays to hold true to what he believes. He believes in being polite except when you cross him, touches his hat when passing a lady even if, other think it’s silly and stands placing his hat over his heart when the flag passes by.
So, I take my hat off to honor the American Cowboy.

If you like the traits of a cowboy then you might enjoy reading, “Michaela’s Justice.” Ray Steele is as rough as they get but gets the job done within the bounds of the law or my Soon to be released book, “Many hats of a Lady,” part of the Ladies of Entrepreneurship series where cowboys don’t to kindly to ladies being mistreated.

So, if you see a cowboy honor him today!

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