Corsets, are they a thing of the past!



Corsets, are they a thing of the Past!

I think not. In my new series called, “Ladies of Entrepreneurship.” The Ladies of this saga are Proverbs Thirty-One women. They are women who are business orientated, strong-willed and determined to live the dream that God has placed inside of them.  

One of the scenes in, “Many Hats of a Lady,” tells of a young lady who tries on a corset for the first time. So, I did a little research on corsets. There are basically three terms used for the garment, – corset, bustier, and bodice.

The historical corset was made from heavy fabric, lined with baleen whale (most used) bones that were inserted into channels then sewn in the seams. It shaped the body into whichever shape the person wanted. During this era women suffered and rightly so since their bodies were being formed in unnatural ways. Some women suffered from collapsed lungs, crushed ribs, dislocated spines, and misaligned internal organs, even death.

The bustier is often worn as an evening top with evening skirts. It is the modern alteration of the corset usually made from lace, satins, stretch fabrics, leather embellished with beads, sequins etc; whatever the wearer fancies. Unboned or boned with plastic or spiral steal springs. It is less deforming that its predecessor.

 Bodice is a general term for the part of the dress that covers the upper torso to the high hip. In earlier eras denoted a lightweight lined but unboned top worn over the corset but under jackets or whatever the ladies wore back then. Today, it is a word used as the top part of the dress.

And currently, I find the new craze is waistshaper’s, the modern-day corset. Most sellers claim a person can lose 1 to 2 inches off their waist in weeks. Ladies claim they look slimmer, confident and shapely when wearing the waistshaper. But, the downside is that waistshaper’s can cause breathing problems, acid reflux and sometimes blood clots if wearing the wrong size.

So, even though, the corset has drastically changed, it is still worn today with modern and flexible twists.





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How To Organize A Blog Tour – Research by A. J. Alexander

Excellent information if you’re thinking of doing a blog tour! Give Aurora a shout out if you think it was helpful.

Writer's Treasure Chest


During the past years of activity on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest,’ and the inquiries to publish posts and interviews for different Blog Tours I promised myself once I find the time I would do research on ‘Blog Tours.’ What is this? And why is it so important to writers? Who does organize them and if I have to do that myself, how to do it best?

What is a Blog Tour?

Alessandra Wike writes on “PR by the book”:
The age of the internet gives authors the opportunity to connect with thousands of people. Taking advantage of these seemingly endless possibilities, blog tours provide great publicity for a new book without the hassle (or expense!) of travel. Instead of an author traveling from bookstore to bookstore and city to city, an author’s book can travel virtually from blog to blog and garner hundreds, if not thousands, of views in a…

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National Cowboy Day!


National Cowboy Day
Is the Cowboy a dying breed? I hope not. Even though, they can be rough at times they believe in God, country, family, and horse. Don’t mess with these four things and you will get along with any cowboy. It takes a special breed nowadays to hold true to what he believes. He believes in being polite except when you cross him, touches his hat when passing a lady even if, other think it’s silly and stands placing his hat over his heart when the flag passes by.
So, I take my hat off to honor the American Cowboy.

If you like the traits of a cowboy then you might enjoy reading, “Michaela’s Justice.” Ray Steele is as rough as they get but gets the job done within the bounds of the law or my Soon to be released book, “Many hats of a Lady,” part of the Ladies of Entrepreneurship series where cowboys don’t to kindly to ladies being mistreated.

So, if you see a cowboy honor him today!

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Brenda Scruggs

Welcome to My Site


I’m so glad that you stopped by. If you’ve read any of my books, I want to say a big thank you, and if you haven’t you can go to my book page and read the first chapter of, “The Chocolatier,” free!

I will soon be introducing my newest series called, “Ladies of Entrepreneurship.” The ladies of this series are strong-willed, devoted to their faith, and believe in following their dreams. More to come!

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ch pc - Copy
Loved This Book
ByBookwormon May 31, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Verified Purchase
I highly recommend reading this book.
I loved how the characters meet and developed a love story with suspense with the stalker and how they believe the lord will get them through anything. Who doesn’t love chocolate.
Continue writing stories like this and I will purchase them anytime.

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I Need Your Social Media Support

Help Support Author Yecheilyah with Thunderclap!

Pearls Before Swine

June is here!

That means we are ONE month away from the release of Renaissance: The Nora White Story Book One and I need your social media support.

My Thunderclap Campaign is LIVE now!

Thunderclap is like crowdfunding for social media. Instead of raising funds you are raising support. Neat huh? Here’s how it works:

You set up a campaign and set a social reach goal. Once the campaign is approved and goes live, supporters can pledge an action (a Facebook Post, Tweet, both, etc.) of the campaigns message as set by the host. This message will go live on the day the host sets. This means that if an author has a book coming out for instance (yours truly), the message will go out on the day of release from the social media accounts of everyone who pledged at the same time, making a thunderous noise of support!

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Book Review “The Chocolatier”

  1. Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

The Chocolatier by Brenda Scruggs is a complex yet sweet romance that centers on a man and a woman from very different worlds, yet they are perfect for each other. Charles Riviera is the heir to a chocolate empire that thrives on the dark, rich, sweet intensity of chocolate. He loves his job, he loves chocolate, and he really enjoys working as Director of Marketing. However, he had no idea that life had an even sweeter surprise waiting for him in the form of a delectable woman who is hiding deep pain.

Charlene Callaway has seen the worst that love and romance have to offer. Ready to marry the man she loved, she found him cheating on her with another woman on their wedding day. Broken hearted and bone weary, she moves away and gets a job at a chocolate company. She had no idea that her future was waiting for her in the form of a dashing, handsome and very interesting man. But bad luck still has an eye on her. She has a stalker and he will not stop until he has her. What can Charlene and Charles do in a situation like this? They are hardly ready to accept their feelings for each other, so what will they do when they have to confront an adversary that is hell-bent on claiming Charlene?

Brenda Scruggs did a wonderful job of creating characters that were real and relatable. The element of surprise, romance, and suspense was great and very well built. The scenarios were real, complex and believable. I loved the sweet love between Charlene and Charles, nothing was forced and Scruggs gave them time and the opportunity to fully explore their feelings for each other before they gave love a chance. The Chocolatier is a complete novel that gives you a sense of fulfillment and leaves you smiling.

new Chocolater cover.jpg

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