Michaela’s Justice

Michaela’s Justice is a book that will carry you through different emotions, one in particular, and that is suspense. The question of, can Michaela bring Atelic Horton to justice without killing him, will rivet through your mind until the very end. This book is full of action, adventure, suspense. You get to decide who’s protecting who?
Book Blurb:
Present day – Detective Michaela Kendall vowed to keep the innocent safe by not letting the likes of Atelic Horton fun free. Dreams still plague her sleep of the night he took her. When he escapes from prison, she is determined to bring him to justice. But, she wasn’t planning on the encounter with Marshal Ray Steele. It seems he didn’t take to kindly to her putting a gun in his face.
Marshal Ray Steele’s brashness was known for upholding the law to any measure within the bounds of the law. Not too many people crossed the rough and tough cowboy, but when they did, they found out right quickly where he stood. When his path crosses with a female detective, is it her determination in catching the prisoner or her hard-nose attitude that catches his attention.
When Michaela and Ray are thrown together on the chase, they soon find out they need each other in more ways than one.