Coki-Mo’s Hot Chocolate’s Best Friend!


These little snow buddies are just heartwarming. Who could resist such a friendly cup of cocoa?

There are several ways of preparing a cup of hot chocolate but adding little favorites makes a plain cup of hot chocolate into something fun. I call them Coki-Mo’s. A little snow buddy made out of marshmallows that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

As a little girl, we didn’t have instant hot chocolate, we had to make it the old fashion way. (I’ve included a recipe at the end of the article.)

Things you need to make your little Mo.

1 pack of hot chocolate or (There is a homemade recipe below.)

1 regular size marshmallow cut in half

Orange tubed icing

Black tubed icing


Cut regular size marshmallow in half. (You can do the whole bag and make a fleet of Coki-Mo’s).

Use the black icing in a tube and dot the marshmallow to make eyes and mouth. Don’t worry about being perfect. People are different shape and sizes so why not your little Mo.

Use orange icing to make nose.

Prepare Hot Chocolate (either instant or homemade)

Place Coki-Mo’s in hot chocolate

You can also use the Coki-Mo’s as a delightful gift.

Place a pack of instant chocolate in to a plastic bag along with the Mo’s add peppermint to add color.

Tie a ribbon around top, label it Coki-Mo.

 Cozy Hot Chocolate Recipe

1 serving

1 tablespoon cocoa

2 tablespoon’s sugar

8 oz of milk

Heat milk on stove to a boil and gently stir in cocoa and sugar until blended.

Pour into cup and add Coki-Mo’s.


Flowering Tea Party



A Flowering Tea Party

Can you find the all the flowers in the below Story!

Camellia borrowed Jacob’s ladder to reach her blue bonnet for the four o’clock Tea Party. Her iris twirled as she stared into the cosmos wondering what it would be like to walk in the safari sunset with William, there was diffidently love in a mist. Lily yelled to get her attention as she tiptoed through the touch me nots. Camela gasped as Johnny jump up and black eye Susan being startled from the yell.

The host rang the blue bell to start the tea party. Camela’s bleeding heart almost stopped as her Sweet William graced the room. He paused and spoke to his Aunt Myrtle. Heather, her best friend whispered in her dark willow curly hair. “He’s handsome, isn’t he?” Camel focused on the bird of paradise after seeing Billy Buttons. He always wanted her to dance with him. But, at the end of each dance her toes hurt from being stepped on and she didn’t bring any bee balm for the ache.

“You’re looking like a beautiful Rose today,” William said as he approached. His polished bachelor buttons sparkled as Goldenrods. A tinge of maiden pink blushed her cheeks as he spoke with such honesty. She held impatien for his kiss. He leaned and touched her phlox of curls as he whispered, “I’m glad you for get me not.” His eyes were like lilac as they bore into hers and his breath were as baby’s breath when he pressed his tulips to hers.