Jesus Loves You!

john 3

I have a message for you. Jesus loves you. You may think oh, another religious nut. But, WAIT please finishing reading then you can label me a nut.

Jesus died on the cross that you might have life and life more abundantly. Life is worth going through the things you are going through. You may say that’s not a loving God. But, the truth is most of the time we go through things by the choices we make in life. You may have not had a loving, caring family to guide you. You may have had the opposite – unloving, uncaring, abusive even. But, Jesus was the word who became flesh so that He could know us. He went to great lengths even a brutal beating before being nailed to a cross just for you. You may think that was just a man a long time ago. But, I want to tell you He is just as real today as He was 2000 years ago. If you don’t know Him what have you got to lose – except the old life. Make today, a brand new day! Give your life to Jesus.


Masks, A Cover Up



When you hear the word Mask you immediately think of Halloween or a Masquerade Ball or maybe even the sport, Fencing. Masks come in all shape and sizes. They can make you beautiful as a Princess or horrid as a monster. They are used to cover, hide, and protect. When you wear a mask you get to be someone else. The mask covers up who you are. For instance, a masquerade ball was a place where the wealthy came for a social event and they wore elaborate  masks. It was an exciting time to be mysterious and intriguing, dashing or daring without anyone knowing who they were. Women could be flirtatious; men could be bold, the night held a place of secrecy.

There is another mask that a lot of us wear unware called an invisible mask. A mask that hides and protects, not letting anyone see the real us. Sometimes, we look at people and think they have it all- the hair, nails, clothes- the perfect 10. But, if the truth be known, most of them may just be wearing a mask. It can be seen through the fake laugh that burst out when something isn’t that funny in order to look good. It’s in the girl, who looks in the mirror thinking she needs to be thin just because she wants to be accepted even though, she’s desiring that chocolate covered doughnut. It’s in the couple who argues most of the time, then when in public they act as if they are the perfect couple. Isn’t it time to peel off the mask and be the person that we are made to be.

God see’s through the mask down to the “the real you.” He sees all the flaws, mistakes and failures and yet loves us completely. Psalm 139, tells us that God searches us and knows us. He knows us from the inside out. He knows a word before it comes off our tongue. He is familiar with our daily life. He isn’t surprised by us. He knows every thought, every worry and every hurt. There is nowhere we can run from Him. He can peel the mask and make us new.

This week take time to look in the mirror and see who you really are, and begin to have the courage to remove the shackles of your mask.