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How to Promote with Business Cards

How to Promote Your Business Using Business Cards
Today with all the social media and digital platforms, and with just one click, the internet can find all the information that you need making you wonder if business cards are of any use. But I believe that any network is useful.

The goal of any marketing is to set your company apart from the competition in a positive way to motivate prospect customers to take the next step and purchase your product or build an email list. Always, always keep business cards with you ready to hand out. You never know who you next customer may be.

A business card is a master key that opens doors of opportunity. It is perfectly designed to fix in a wallet where the potential customer can find it easily. It contains all the business and contact information making it easy for the customer to find you.

I have compiled a list of some simple tips to help you get your business noticed. You can download the cheat sheet and print it reviewing it daily to remind you of potential opportunities.

Below are a couple of business cards uses that are on the Tip List.

– Give your card another purpose than going in a wallet and turn it into a bookmark.
– Turn it into a folding fan. A lot of business is going to this technique where the fan is used in public promoting their business in plain site without being pushy.

A good presentation is a part of a good first impression to a potential customer. So, don’t be pushy.

Click here for Cheat Sheet and Tips!

Business Cards cover



Thinking outside the Box with a car magnet!


Thinking Outside the Box!
Well maybe, inside the box.
For an author, marketing is something we are continually working on. I enjoy finding blogs that think outside the box on promoting. Some of the ways I have promoted are on blogs, featured in interviews, social media and so forth.
But today, I am trying something new, thinking outside the box by broadcasting my work inside the box, that is putting my work inside a (box) frame of a car magnet. Yes, a car magnet, the one that sticks onto the side or back of your vehicle.
God can give us witty inventions, so I’m trying one.
My husband works in a metropolitan, driving almost an hour a day to work on a major interstate. Yeah, we love the country life. So, I got this idea. He is on a super busy interstate twice a day at least an hour at a time depending on traffic, so why not advertise my book with a car magnet. It would be seen by almost a hundred people a day, if not more.
Even if, you don’t travel a major interstate, I believe it would still promote your work in everyday travel and would be a plus when you went on vacation. Just make sure that you have a few copies of your book with you. Who knows you might just sell them.
This is my short tidbit on thinking outside the box with book promotions.
Happy Traveling,
Brenda Scruggs
Author of, “Many Hats of a Lady”


S’mores Indoors

S’mores Indoors


With cooler weather brings camping, bond fires and the famous outdoor treat- S’mores. A tasty ooy, gooy treat that’s fun for any age.

Stories have it whether fact or fiction that S’mores can be traced back to the mid-1860’s to a man in Russia named Nicholas Smore. It was said that he past the recipe down to family and friends. But, it was his brother who published it in a cookbook years later which he entitled, “S’mores.”

In 1927, Girl Scouts of America found a recipe in “Tramping and Trailing” called Some More. After making this fun campfire treat it was widespread making the treat popular.

Traditionally, S’mores were made for outside campfires. But, now, you don’t have to wait for S’mores outdoors. With these three simple ingredients, you can have that campfire tasty treat, S’mores for Indoors fun anytime of the year.



Cones of any kind

Mini marshmallow’s

Chocolate bar


Take a cone and fill with mini marshmallow’s.

Tuck pieces of the chocolate bar in marshmallow’s that are in the cone.

Place filled cone in a cup (standing, this keeps the mixture from running onto your plate).

Heat in microwave in 5 second interval’s until melted.

Wa La! S’mores Indoors.


Eatable Bird Seed!

eatable bird seed


                                      Eatable Bird Seed

Whether you’re a bird watcher or a nature buff, you can enjoy this fun treat anytime. This healthy snack can be eaten while walking a nature trail or wrapping it in netting and placing it on child’s plate. They will certainly enjoy it. It will make a great side décor for any plate, weddings, tea time or kids plate.

This recipe is an excellent source of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Mix up a big bowl and separate into baggies, so it will be easy to grab when you sprint out to your outing.

Eatable Bird Seed Recipe

Use equal amounts

Mixed nuts


Sunflower Seeds

Chocolate pieces

I’m a little bit of a history buff so it’s interesting to me to dig into the root of something.

Have you heard the statement, “That’s for the birds!”

The phrase, “that’s for the birds,” is of American origin and hasn’t been commonly used anywhere else. Sergt. Buck Erickson, of Camp Ellis, Illinois used it in an interview with The Lowell Sun. It is Army slang and used towards the end of WWII. When it comes down to it the phrase actually means something is worthless or meaningless. The root of the expression is the habit of some birds pecking at horse droppings in order to find seeds.

Now, doesn’t that make you just want to grab a bag of bird seed. Even though, I discovered the meaning, it still doesn’t keep me from enjoy this tasty treat.


Brenda Scruggs


Thoughts from Brenda’s Chocolate Factory


A thought from Brenda’s Chocolate Factory (My Kitchen)

I do a lot of thinking and jotting down notes while in the kitchen. So, I call my kitchen the Chocolate Factory since a majority of my book, “The Chocolatier,” was written there.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts about book reviews. A big thank you to the bloggers for their information. I knew reviews were important but honestly, I didn’t realize how important until reading all the blogs. So, I’m having some thoughts on getting local book reviews.

I’m planning on having a Chocolate Party. (Not sure venue yet, maybe a quaint party with friends and family or have it at my local church.) I went to pinterest and found tons of unusual chocolate recipes.(Your welcome to visit my boards) I love the bowls made out of total chocolate. I attempted to make the strawberry tuxedos. Go ahead and laugh- below is a picture of my attempt. Ha, ha, I’m still laughing. These little booger’s are harder than they looked on pinterest but I will master them say’s the chocolatier want-a-be.IMG_20160229_163358_497-1

Oh, and I can’t forget the Chocolate lasagna, yum! I’ll post pictures and recipes after the party.

Other than the Chocolate for the Chocolaholic’s

I’ll read a passage from my book, “The Chocolatier.”
Explain the importance of book reviews
Have written games with the winner getting prizes
I’d love to hear any suggestions to make it a better party.

Again, thank you bloggers for your posts. Good night and blog on!