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How to Promote with Business Cards

How to Promote Your Business Using Business Cards
Today with all the social media and digital platforms, and with just one click, the internet can find all the information that you need making you wonder if business cards are of any use. But I believe that any network is useful.

The goal of any marketing is to set your company apart from the competition in a positive way to motivate prospect customers to take the next step and purchase your product or build an email list. Always, always keep business cards with you ready to hand out. You never know who you next customer may be.

A business card is a master key that opens doors of opportunity. It is perfectly designed to fix in a wallet where the potential customer can find it easily. It contains all the business and contact information making it easy for the customer to find you.

I have compiled a list of some simple tips to help you get your business noticed. You can download the cheat sheet and print it reviewing it daily to remind you of potential opportunities.

Below are a couple of business cards uses that are on the Tip List.

– Give your card another purpose than going in a wallet and turn it into a bookmark.
– Turn it into a folding fan. A lot of business is going to this technique where the fan is used in public promoting their business in plain site without being pushy.

A good presentation is a part of a good first impression to a potential customer. So, don’t be pushy.

Click here for Cheat Sheet and Tips!

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Opportunity for Romance Authors


Opportunity for Romance Authors

Accepting excerpts or back matter for romance genre: Historical, Contemporary, Suspense, Thriller but no erotic.

I will be featuring romance excerpts or back matter of romance books for the month of February on my blog and facebook page. It’s a great way to get exposure for your novel and a brilliant way to advertise for free.

If you want to list your book, please email me @scruggs3@nctc.com with an excerpt or back matter and a pic of the book. I need these by the end of January.

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Romance Writer’s


During this week’s shopping, I noticed that a few shops are already filling the empty Christmas space with Valentine product. Each year, it seems the next celebrated day is being advertised earlier and earlier. I’m not sure I like that since that means I’m getting older sooner. (laugh).

So, even though, it’s still December, I’m getting this advertisement out there. On my blog for February, I’ll be posting excerpts of Romance Novels. (Sorry, no erotic) If you’d like to have your novel featured so that it gets some attention, please feel free to email an excerpt and pic of book. Scruggs3@nctc.com.

It’s not to late, if you’d like to be featured in January for Business. Just click on the Business Women feature in my blog posts to get information.

I strongly believe in People helping people. So, if my blog helps you get sales, then I’m glad to help.

Merry Christmas and Happy Valentine’s whoop’s maybe, I should wait on the Valentine’s Day.



Book Signing at The Chocolate Covered Strawberry

This past Saturday, I got to enjoy doing a book signing at, The Chocolate Covered Strawberry. (The Chocolatier). The atmosphere was so delightful and the crew was amazing. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping by trying their exquisite dinning and experience the unique boutique. Thanks, Berry for having me!

The day started with the setup of my table, which I think turned out pretty well. The hostess brought me a Hot Chocolate which was nice. (It was sooo good!) That’s it on the table – YUM!

Then, a swarm of people flooded in as the doors opened. I was stunned by the amount of, people that approached my table. When it slowed down, I walked around and handed out bookmarkers and postcards. It was a productive and nice experience. And, it all started by simply sending out a letter and postcard of my book to the owner saying that I thought my book. “The Chocolatier,” would make a nice addition to her boutique. The book signing was a plus.