It’s National Face Your Fear Day

It’s National Face Your Fear Day.

Fear is something that is experienced at some point in life. I’m not only talking about just being scared, but I’m also talking about a bone-chilling experience. If you haven’t experienced that type of fear, then you are blessed.

Fear is a complicated emotion caused by the belief that something or someone is a threat or danger. IT (fear or Intense Torment) causes a chain reaction in the brain that starts with a stressful stimulus and ends with the release of chemicals that causes the heart to race, rapid breathing and tensed muscles including a feeling of being paralyzed, unable to move, along with many other effects.

Fear isn’t something that should be taken lightly. It’s one thing to be scared or frightened but it’s a totally different thing when it comes to being terrified. When fear grips an individual, it can affect everyday life. There are around 365 or more scriptures dealing with being afraid in the bible. God doesn’t want us to be afraid.

I was so scared as a child that I couldn’t sleep by myself, it was horrendous. But by God’s grace and deliverance years later, I was able to overcome that fear.  

Does your fear:

  • Cause intense anxiety or panic.
  • Cause you to be paralyzed at times.
  • Cause you to avoid certain places or situations.
  • Cause distress and interfere with functioning in everyday life.

Are your fears keeping you from moving forward with what you want in life?

My book, “Faith Over Fear,” is an informational book full of wisdom, insight, and biblical content. It can build confidence, faith, and aide in overcoming fear.