Prayer Teams for Authors!


Prayer Teams for Authors!

Have you considered a prayer team for your book?

A prayer team is like a street team. You gather as many people as you like to pray for you and your work. The prayer team can be used in aspect of any business.

It’s not being arrogant asking people to pray for your work, it’s wise. Proverbs 15:22 says, Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors (prayer warriors), they are established.

Being a prayer warrior myself, I can tell you first hand that prayer works.

Don’t be shy- prayer warriors are just that, they enjoy praying for people and their reward is seeing you succeed. A true prayer warrior will not be envious. They want to see how God will move in your life.

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During this week’s shopping, I noticed that a few shops are already filling the empty Christmas space with Valentine product. Each year, it seems the next celebrated day is being advertised earlier and earlier. I’m not sure I like that since that means I’m getting older sooner. (laugh).

So, even though, it’s still December, I’m getting this advertisement out there. On my blog for February, I’ll be posting excerpts of Romance Novels. (Sorry, no erotic) If you’d like to have your novel featured so that it gets some attention, please feel free to email an excerpt and pic of book. Scruggs3@nctc.com.

It’s not to late, if you’d like to be featured in January for Business. Just click on the Business Women feature in my blog posts to get information.

I strongly believe in People helping people. So, if my blog helps you get sales, then I’m glad to help.

Merry Christmas and Happy Valentine’s whoop’s maybe, I should wait on the Valentine’s Day.



Are you ready for a Contest? Romance Me is having a contest.

Fellow Writers,

Author.Me is opening a free Romance Me Contest. Free sign up until December 15, 2016. So, pop those fingers and get to writing, or brush off that piece of manuscript that’s lingering on your screen and send it in. Self-Publishers are acceptable. Check out their site @ Author.me/romance.contest or just visit their website Author.Me. I’m not a spokes person for the site. I’m just excited. Hope you win! Gotta go, I’ve already popped my fingers and getting ready to type.