“The Chocolatier”

A portion paragraph from “The Chocolatier”cropped-cropped-cropped-resizeimagehandler11.jpg

A smile came to her lips., “Yeah, a new chapter in my life.” She reached for her keys, thinking maybe she would venture out and walk along the bay but the ring of her phone interrupted her thoughts. “There’s an opening in your field of expertise at my work.” Julie’s voice sounded out.
“Oooh, you make it sound so professional for a chocolate factory,” Charlene said jokingly. “Yeah, chocolate factory,” Julie said with a smile. She might think twice once she actually sees the company. “Take down this number and call in an hour. The gentleman you need to speak with will be back from lunch.” “Alright, got it,” Charlene said. “And seriously thank you.” “Don’t thank me yet. Remember it’s a chocolate factory,” she said teasingly. “Bye.”


2 thoughts on ““The Chocolatier”

  1. Hi Brenda I am in receipt of your letter/book stubs. Please contact me so we can discuss book signing/selling your books in our gift shop. Bonnie Waldron The Chocolate Covered Strawberry


    1. Dear B. Waldron,

      It’s nice to hear from you and thank you for being interested in “The Chocolatier.” I am thrilled that you are considering it for your boutique and maybe a book signing.

      In “The Chocolatier, my characters share a special experience around Christmas. If it is convenient for you maybe you would consider a book signing around November. In the meantime, I have a couple of books that I could drop off if you’d like. Feel free to contact me anytime by email or cell 615-633-1985

      Again thank you,

      Brenda Scruggs


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